Wine Blending Ceremony

February 8, 2018 by revjeri

Mike and Terri love all things wine tasting, so it was only natural that they would include a wine blending ceremony in their wedding!

I shared some ideas with them, and they did a little research on their own to come up with this unique way of celebrating the blending of their two lives into one.

Wine Blending Ceremony

Two empty wine glasses, large empty carafe, and two small carafes with white and red wine, on table with strings of beaded crystals in garden background.

Photo of the hands of bride and groom pouring wine into larger Marriage Carafe

Pouring from their individual carafes, Mike and Terri mixed the wine in the larger carafe Рcreating a ros̩ blend.

In this carafe are the fruits of Creation, Mankind and Mother Earth. The years of our lives are like a cup of wine that is poured out for the sake of labor, honor and love. Mike and Terri, many days you will sit at the same table and eat and drink together. Many are the experiences you will share.

Groom pouring blended wine from the Marriage Carafe into a wine glass.

Mike then pours some of the wine from the Marriage Carafe into a glass for Terri; she does the same, pouring wine into a glass for Mike.

As with a glass of wine, one of you may find it sweet, the other perhaps dry or somehow different. Let the wine you share today serve as a reminder that although you may perceive things very differently, being right is never more important than being happy.

With this space that you give each other, always putting your commitment to love and honor one another first, your lives together will grow deeper, richer and greatly satisfying, like a rare and fine wine.

Bride and groom drinking wine during their wedding ceremony, as maid of honor and best man observe.

Mike and Terri, this ceremony represents your two individual lives, combined like the two wines into one single life. The drinking of the combined wine signifies the commitment you now make to live your lives as one family. May you remember with joy this day of commitment, which you have sealed with drinking of the new wine joining your lives as one.

Newlyweds smiling at each other before walking down the aisle, with bridal party and guests applauding.


Team of Wedding Professionals

Venue: Vizcaya

Photographer: Jessica Roman Photography

DJ / Lighting / Photobooth: SJ’s Disc Jockey

Flowers: Flourish Design

Cake: Above and Beyond Cakes

Hair and Makeup: All Dolled Up Beauty and Bridal

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