Wedding Sponsors and Role Models

August 21, 2011 by revjeri

When Ethel and Kyle were married at Grand Island Mansion earlier this month, they not only planned a beautiful celebration for “their day,” but they also asked for continued blessings throughout their married life. Honoring Ethel’s Filipino heritage during the ceremony, they chose “sponsors” to publicly commit to act as role models for the newly married couple. Ethel’s Aunt Carmelita and Kyle’s Uncle “Sharkey” were selected for this very important role.

At the appropriate point in the wedding ceremony, I invited Carmelita and Sharkey to stand near Ethel and Kyle, and I asked them:

“Sharkey and Carmelita, as wedding sponsors, do you commit yourselves to be a source of encouragement throughout the married lives of Kyle and Ethel? Do you promise to give the strength and wisdom to provide this couple with guidance to help them preserve the covenant they have made?  Through your example, do you also promise to show them the importance of keeping their faith and an abiding love in each other?”

And before Kyle, Ethel and their community, Carmelita and Sharkey said “Yes!”

After the ceremony, Sharkey took me aside. With happy tears in his eyes, he told me that he and his wife were celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary that day! He clearly knows what it takes to keep a marriage strong and loving through challenges and good times.

Congratulations, Kyle and Ethel! May you enjoy every blessing in your married life!


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