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July 24, 2018 by revjeri

I first met wedding photographer Christina a few months ago when she photographed Katie and Christopher’s wedding (which I officiated) at Courtyard d’Oro in Old Sacramento. She was full of enthusiasm and very easy to work with. I had already checked out her work on social medial (Facebook and Instagram). and knew I really liked her photographic style.

Bride, groom and wedding officiant laughing during garden wedding ceremony

(And the fact that she is super good about posting photos and tagging fellow wedding professionals made me like her even more!)

We ran into each other again at a Creative Mornings function and chatted about our mutual appreciation for each other’s work. So when I asked if I could interview her for a “wedding professional shout-out” post on my blog she said “Sure!”

A Little About Christina

Christina Best is a local Sacramento wedding photographer who moved here from San Clemente for college a decade or so ago. She chose Sac State because it has a great photography program – and also because Sacramento is near two rivers, which appeals to her water-loving spirit!


Closeup portrait of woman laying in hammock and reading paperback book.

Christina met Anna at Sac State in 2008 – probably the “real” reason she was inspired to move to Sacramento – and they got married at Courtyard d’Oro in April of 2018. These newlyweds live in midtown Sacramento with their three cats, Big, Boat and Boy!

Although she had done some work as a photographer’s assistant and second-shooter, Christina became serious about wedding photography in 2015 when gay marriage was declared legal throughout the United States.

Christina’s Photographic Style

Christina’s bright, natural and fun personality is also reflected in her photography. She brings great energy, passion, enthusiasm and positivity to her work!

Two-photo collage of bride, groom and wedding guests during outdoor courtyard wedding ceremony.

She loves capturing the behind-the-scene moments, such as special details that she knows are meaningful to the couple, candid photos of the guests enjoying the cocktail hour and, of course, all the special people who have come to celebrate with the newlyweds!

In preparation for both the engagement session and the wedding day, Christina has couples respond to a questionnaire with a range of questions from how they met and their proposal story to “Does your wedding have a theme” and “What are your wedding colors?”

Most importantly, Christina asks “What are the photos you most look forward to seeing from your wedding day?”

As a newlywed herself, Christina knows the importance of providing couples with plenty of great photos with lots of options to choose from, and often includes both black and white and color versions of an image.

And Christina Also Does . . .

Along with her wedding work, Christina is also a portrait photographer. She enjoys the one-on-one interaction, getting to know people and hearing their stories. Christina likes having the opportunity to build confidence in her clients. She often photographs small business owners and content creators; it’s a good way for her to “give back” to the small-business community.

Two-photo collage of portraits of two women.

I asked her if she was working on any “personal projects.” She told me she’s back into shooting film for fun – and she may take her film camera when she and Anna go on their honeymoon to Maui in a few weeks!

Christina loves gardening and cats, and she mentioned a project she called “monthly floral therapy.” In fact, she created a calendar in 2016 with photos of in-season flora spelling out the month. Occasionally one of the cats stepped into the picture as well!

Cat on patio pavers, with the word "August" spelled out in flowers and foliage.

I remembered seeing some of these images a couple of years ago and LOVING them!

She’s Also A Newlywed!

Of course as a wedding Officiant I had to ask Christina a few questions about her wedding! (She married her best friend, Anna, in April of 2018. You can read about their wedding here.)

Portrait of two laughing brides sitting in rattan chairs on courtyard patio.


She told me that she and Anna were each raised by parents who were still married to each other, and they highly value their example. I asked what she felt was their secret to longevity in marriage. She said “Dealing with the ups and downs and working together because you’ve chosen each other.”

Writing Personal Vows

I loved what Christina had to say about writing her personal vows; she’s given me permission to share from her blog:

We wanted to write our own vows to each other. While those were probably more difficult to write than this blog post (when you have so much to say, it’s hard to narrow it down), I sure am glad we did.

Our vows were intimate and personal. We got to share straight from the heart what we mean to each other along with how and why we love each other. Speaking those words to one another around those that supported us was magic. It gives me chills just thinking about it.

It made me fall in love with Anna even more when she included a bit about our cats and thrifting in our vows. What a woman! No one makes me laugh like she does, which was a big part of my vows to her.

Two-photo collage of two brides reading personal vows during wedding ceremony.


Where To Find Christina Best Photography

Of course you can learn more about Christina on her website and find her on Instagram and Facebook @christinabestphotography

She also hangs out at Urban Hive, where she writes about weddings and photography. (She goes there to avoid interruption by her cute cats, LOL!)

And if you’re in the Midtown Sacramento area, you might find her riding her bike around town. She’ll be looking for color, couples in love, and other Sacramento inspiration!


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