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March 21, 2020 by revjeri

A few months ago I interviewed one of my very favorite wedding cake makers, Daniel Jimenez owner of Above and Beyond Cakes in Elk Grove.

I always ask couples who they’ve hired for their team of wedding professionals. My eyes light up – and I practically lick my lips! – when they tell me their wedding cake is being made by Above and Beyond Cakes!

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(And I usually tell them about the geode cake as an example of the amazing artistry Daniel and Meghan bring to their work. Not to mention the delicious flavors! Yum, yum!)

I don’t always get to see Daniel or Meghan when they deliver the cakes. However, I do see Daniel at many of the venue open houses: Arden Hills Country Club, Orchard Creek Lodge, Granite Bay Golf Club and Vizcaya, Sacramento, to name a few.

This has given me an opportunity not only to sample his delicious wares but also to get to know him better as a person. And he is not only an awesome baker but also an authentically great human being.


The Man Who Bakes Wedding Cakes

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in South Sacramento

What are your non-wedding-related interests?

I love to cook for my family and friends. Especially BBQ!

Painting and creating art has been a passion of mine for many years as well. Hopefully some day it will also become more than just a hobby.

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Tell me about your family

My wife Meghan – who is my business partner as well – and I have been married for 19 years. We have four sons ranging in age from 15-5, and also one cat and one dog.

What do you do to maintain work-life balance?

This has been one of the biggest challenges we have faced for many years. As of September of 2018 we were able to go from full walk-in business to by-appointment-only and focusing primarily on wedding cakes. The change in business format has allowed us to spend more valuable time with our children that we were missing out on for years.

In one or two words how would you describe yourself?

Relentlessly driven.

If someone made a movie of your life, what would the title be?

Pain. Faith. Love. Success. 

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Above and Beyond Cakes – The Business

What inspired you to become a wedding cake creative / professional?

My wife had decorated cakes for friends and family for many years. During that time I was in construction management with a background in production baking.

When the construction boom crashed I lost my job. Finding another job paying what I made in the industry proved to be difficult so we decided to pursue a custom cake business by renting kitchen space.

One door opened to another and eventually we found a storefront. We took the last $3,000 we had to our name and took the leap into small business. That was 8 years ago.    

How long have you been in business?

My wife Meghan has been decorating for as long as we have been together – 20 years in December 2019. The business itself has been in business for 9 years.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part is watching people and families grow over the years through life events we create cakes for.

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Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal client is a good person.  

We know that Wedding Professionals work together as a team. Which other team members do you work especially closely with?

We usually work with the coordinator and the florist the most.  

wedding cake, Above and Beyond Cakes, Vizcaya, Sacramento, wedding vendors, Rev. Jeri Murphy

Can you tell me about a favorite wedding experience or a major calamity that’s now a great story!

Thank God we have had no major calamity events.

We don’t get the opportunity to attend weddings very often so it was a great experience to get to be guests at a wedding we made the cake for. It was amazing because we got to see wedding professionals we know, and love, in action at a venue we love to work with.

What’s one piece of advice you’d like to give couples planning their wedding?

Using wedding professionals with good references is key to a successful wedding.    

wedding cake, Above and Beyond Cakes, Arden Hills Country Club, wedding vendor, Rev. Jeri Murphy


Connect with Above and Beyond Cakes

What’s the best way for people to learn more about you and see your work?

Visit our website, or check out our pages on Instagram (@aboveandbeyondcakeseg) and Facebook (Above and Beyond Cakes Elk Grove).

Above and Beyond Wedding Cakes

 We go above and beyond to make your dream cake a reality.

“If you can dream it, we can create it.”



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