Tying the Knot – Literally!

November 5, 2012 by revjeri

Sean and Sara met when they were “set up” by his sister, who thought they would be a good match. (And obviously she was right!) Sean is a lineman; Sara trains horses. They share a love of adventure – their first date was indoor rock climbing – so I was not surprised when they told me they wanted to include an actual “tying the knot” ritual in their ceremony.


After they exchanged rings and vows, I handed them each a small piece of rope.

“Sean and Sara will now take a moment to further show their commitment to one another by tying a ‘lovers knot’. Both have a separate piece of rope that, once knotted, will symbolize the joining of two lives into one.”

“This Lovers’ Knot will be artfully framed and hung in Sean and Sara’s home, as a special reminder of their love and commitment to one another.”

Simple, memorable and meaningful.

Smiling groom and bride standing by greenery after outdoor wedding ceremony

Congratulations, Sean and Sara!


Team of Professionals:

Venue: The Flower Farm, Loomis, CA

DJ: Music by Rich

Photographer: Kendra Weistar

Caterer: Conscious Catering



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