Love Story | Twenty Years and Counting

February 13, 2014 by revjeri

“The love story of Terrance and La Shunna began about 25 years ago, when she was only 15 years old, and he was much older – 21!

“Because she wasn’t allowed to date until she turned 18, her mother was quite emphatic about squelching any relationship between them.

“But Terrance was patient and persistent; he knew La Shunna was the woman of his dreams. And because her grandmother liked him and would allow him to come sit on her porch, Terrance and La Shunna spent three years talking and getting to know each other before they ever went on a date.”

Today Terrance and La Shunna celebrate twenty years of marriage.

In honor of their love and commitment to each other, they renewed their vows in a ceremony held at Arden Hills Resort and Spa in Sacramento.

In the presence of their three children, many family members, and numerous dear friends Terrance and La Shunna read vows, exchanged rings, and promised to continue to be each other’s best friend and greatest inspiration.

Congratulations, Terrance and La Shunna! May you continue to “love like you mean it,” and may you celebrate many, many more years as husband and wife!

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