Telling Your Love Story

August 15, 2017 by revjeri

Stories help us connect with each other. They encourage us to recognize what we have in common, and inspire us to get to know more about each other.

When the story is about the two of you and your hopes and dreams for a long and happy marriage, your guests not only learn a little more about the evolution of your relationship, they also have a vested interest in the success of your life together. They become your cheering section, encouraging you when times are tough and celebrating your successes, large and small.

Your Unique Love Story

When I talk with couple about the Love Story portion of their ceremony, they sometimes say “Oh, everyone already knows our story.”

And that may be partially true. Your friends and families may have heard about how you met and got engaged. Perhaps you’ve even included this part of your story on a wedding website.

But have you told them about what you admire in each other? What you believe is essential in a successful marriage? What you hope to be celebrating together on your Golden Wedding Anniversary?

I give my couples a homework assignment, asking them to each answer questions that help me learn more about them and their vision for their marriage.

I then use their responses to create the Love Story portion of their ceremony.

Here are Some Love Story Snippets ….

Bride and groom looking at officiant during wedding ceremony.

Tony and Lydia, May 2016

Sometimes, just when you’re ready to give up on love, it knocks on your door – or shows up in your inbox.

That’s exactly what happened to Tony and Lydia.

Both had tried online dating without much success, and they were each ready to cancel their subscriptions, when they happened to see each other’s profile and simultaneously reached out to say “Hello.” And the connection was made!

(Wedding Venue: Taber Ranch)


Nighttime photo of bride and groom dancing during wedding reception

Ramon and Astrid, September 2016

Astrid and Ramon’s love story began in Los Angeles in February of 2012. They had both been at a sports bar watching the NFC Championship Game and cheering for the San Francisco 49ers. She noticed him and thought he was cute, but after the Niners lost the game she left and went home.

Ramon and his friends, heartbroken about the game, went to another downtown LA bar to dance and drink their sorrows away. Some time later, Astrid and her brothers happened to show up at the same club to dance.

Astrid was surprised to see Ramon there, dancing by himself in the corner. With the encouragement of her brother Astrid decided to go over and dance with Ramon. They enjoyed talking and dancing together, eventually exchanged phone numbers, and soon began dating.

(Wedding Venue: Private Residence)

Closeup of smiling groom and bride, holding bouquet, in outdoor wedding location

Dan and Lisa, August 2015

. . . and last fall, while visiting a small Tuscan resort in Italy, Dan planned a special surprise. Although no one else spoke English, he was able to ask a staff member to take their photo. He then took a knee and told Lisa – in Italian – how much he loved her and asked her to marry him. And to everyone’s delight, of course she said “Yes!”

(Wedding Venue: Forest House Lodge)


Smiling bride, groom and minister with golf course and water feature in background

Chris and Danielle, July 2014

Chris and Danielle share many interests, values and goals. Both are honest, compassionate, loyal and very respectful of each other. They enjoy taking day trips and exploring, going out to dinner and a movie, or just taking a walk and spending time together. They work as a team to achieve their goals, and they look forward to raising a happy, healthy family together.

(Wedding Venue: Orchard Creek Lodge)


Smiling bride and groom walking down aisle, with minister applauding in background

(Photo by Vero Suh Photography)

Jeff and Lynn, April 2015

Jeff and Lynn do have some differences. For instance, he’s a “plain cheeseburger” kind of guy, while she loves seafood and more exotic cuisine. And their thoughts about home décor and household chores are different.

They balance and complement each other, using respectful discussion, compromise and teamwork to resolve challenges. (And Jeff occasionally suggests they go to a Japanese sushi restaurant because he knows Lynn will enjoy the seafood!)

(Wedding Venue: Valley Hi Country Club)


Smiling bride and groom, standing under canopy, with minister in background.

Beau and Katie, June 2016

As Beau says, “she’s a little country, and has a high standard for cleanliness, while I’m a little rock and roll, and definitely made of snails, whales and puppy dog tails!”

Katie and Beau balance and complement each other, using flattery and a sense of humor, as well as good communication and compromise to resolve differences.

(Wedding Venue: Gaia Hotel and Spa)


Two grooms laughing during wedding ceremony, with officiant in background

(Photo by Joan Cusick Photography)

Michael and John, May 2015

John describes Michael as “artistic and gracious,” and he admires his tenacity, perseverance and dedication. Michael inspires John’s grace, grounding and willingness to explore.

Michael appreciates John’s sense of humor, his kind and loving heart, and his sweet spirit. John encourages Michael to love himself unconditionally, and to creatively express his love through music.

(Wedding Venue: Private Residence)

Minister, bride and groom standing on driveway of outdoor wedding venue

Brett and Kristen, June 2013

Brett and Kristen are aware of the work and commitment required in order to build and nurture a solid relationship. They know there are many essential ingredients in a successful marriage, most especially understanding, compassion, devotion and friendship and, of course, unconditional love.

(Wedding Venue: Monte Verde Inn)


Minister, bride and groom standing near brick wall at home wedding

Jerry and Nancy, June 2016

Jerry and Nancy are aware of the work and commitment required in order to build and nurture a solid relationship. They know there are many essential ingredients in a successful marriage, including good communication and compromise, mutual respect, support and understanding, sharing similar goals and values, as well as appreciation and unconditional love for each other.

(Wedding Venue: Private Residence)


Bride, holding bouquet and "Just Married" sign, standing with groom

Kraig and Elizabeth, October 2016

In 50 years, as they celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary, Kraig and Elizabeth expect to look upon their happy, healthy and close-knit family, knowing their children were raised with love, laughter and strong values, and their great example of a life well-lived.

Kraig and Elizabeth will be grateful for the goals they have accomplished and all the memories they have made together, with challenges overcome, joys shared, and a marriage that has grown even stronger with every passing year.

They will still be best friends and deeply in love, and they will look forward to many more years together as a happily married couple!

(Wedding Venue: Granite Bay Golf Club)

Tell Your Love Story!

I hope these couples have inspired you to share your Love Story during your wedding ceremony.

And I hope you’ll ask me to be your storyteller!

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