Renewal of Vows and Family Terrarium

May 31, 2018 by revjeri

“The love story of Marie and Danny began in September of 2004, when they met at a running club in Davis. Marie was new in town and wanted to find some training buddies. She and Danny had the same pace, and they ended up running the 7-mile loop together. They became friends, but it wasn’t until a year later that they started dating.”

Over the next three years their relationship grew and deepened into love. On May 31, 2008 they were married at the Hyatt Regency Hotel – Sacramento.

Bride and her father greeting groom at beginning of wedding ceremony

Over the next decade they experienced many joys and faced some challenges. They changed employment, moved out of state, had two children, and returned to live Davis, California.

Through it all they continued to be each other’s best friend and greatest cheerleader. So as their ten-year anniversary neared they knew they wanted to renew their vows. And they wanted to include their children in the celebration.

Renewal Ceremony Including Children

They chose to incorporate some of the key parts of their original ceremony: Marriage Address, Promises and Vows, and a special “Hands blessing” reading.


Bride and groom facing each other while minister reads wedding ceremony

In addition, Marie and Danny wanted to include their young children, Henry and Caroline, by adding a special family ritual that would be both meaningful and brief enough to keep their attention.

I asked what activities they enjoy as a family. When they said they particularly enjoy spending time in nature I suggested they create a family terrarium!


Family Terrarium

Parents and two young children planting a terrarium.

“Marie and Danny in the years of your marriage you have not only supported each other through challenges and triumphs, but you have also created a nurturing environment for Henry and Caroline to grow and thrive in.

“You have told me that you enjoy taking walks together and spending time in nature as a family. And in just a few minutes you are all going to do a nature project together by building a family terrarium!”

Closeup of details of family planting a terrarium.


Looking Forward To Many More Anniversaries

“In 50 years, as they celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary, Marie and Danny expect to look at their family with pride, knowing their children were raised in a home filled with love and strong values.

“They hope to still be running together and enjoying good health. They will reminisce about their many years together, grateful for the love that has lasted and grown throughout the years.

“And they will look forward to many more years together as a happily married couple.”


Father, mother and two children standing on patio near garden


Congratulations, Marie and Danny! Your love for one another and your continued commitment to and trust in the strength of your union inspires us and renews our faith in marriage.

We hope the next decade will be filled with continued joy, growth, and many more reasons to celebrate your union!

Parents and children sitting on picnic bench and planting terrarium.

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