Rehearsal | Preventive Medicine for the Ceremony Jitters!

December 2, 2010 by revjeri

The Rehearsal is usually the beginning of the actual wedding festivities.  People may be arriving from long distances and many might be seeing each other for the first time ever, or in a long while.

The Rehearsal is often the prelude to the Rehearsal Dinner – a time when the Bride and Groom can eat, drink and be merry before preparing for their Wedding Day!

A well-planned Rehearsal helps the Bride, Groom, their Bridal Party and their immediate families know what to expect during the ceremony, keeping the nerves calm and the excitement contagious!

Even if you have the simplest ceremony planned, there are many little details that can be handled at Rehearsal.  For instance:

* Who escorts the grandparents / mothers / extra special guests to their seats?  (And where do they sit?)

* Will the bridesmaids and groomsmen enter as couples, or will the gentlemen enter with the Groom?

* If there are children involved (Ring Bearer, Flower Girl), are they expected to stand throughout the ceremony, or should they “make an entrance” and then sit with a parent or other adult?

* Where is the Unity Candle table going to be placed?  (If applicable. Allowing ease of access, while making sure the flame is out-of-reach of anyone’s hair or clothing.)

* If the ceremony will be outside, will the sun be shining directly in the eyes of the Bride, or Groom, or attendants?


(Featured photo shows colored sand used to practice sand blending ceremony during rehearsal.)


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