Red String of Fate Ceremony

August 28, 2017 by revjeri

According to Asian folklore there is an invisible red string that flows from a person’s heart and is connected to the heart of their soul mate. This legend states that when two souls are born into this world who are destined for one another, a being called The Old Man Under the Moon ties a Red String of Fate on each of them.

No matter how far apart they may be born something is set into motion that calls them together. The string can sometimes stretch and become tangled, which could postpone the fateful meeting, but those ties will never be broken.

Eventually these souls meet, and looking into each other’s eyes they see not a stranger but an old friend. There is a sense of having known each other before, that deep sense of familiarity that says “Ah, beloved, at last!”

Kim and Brant’s Wedding Ceremony

And so it is for Kim and Brant, who met as sophomores in college and immediately felt a strong connection to each other.

Honoring their shared Asian heritage, their wedding ceremony included the tying of a Red String on each other’s wrists prior to being pronounced married. Bride watching groom tie red string on her wrist during wedding ceremony.

Although this Red String of Fate had already connected the hearts of Kim and Brant this ritual was a unique symbol of their unity, and a promise of their commitment to each other.

Two-photo collage of bride and groom tying red string of fate on each other's wrist, and then smiing at end of wedding ceremony

Wedding Professionals:

Venue: Granite Bay Golf Club
Photographers: Drozian Photoworks

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