Rain On Your Wedding Day? No Problem

October 10, 2016 by revjeri

When your early dating included a five-week backpacking trip along the Pacific Coast Trail, a little rain on your wedding day – or even a downpour – isn’t going to change your plans for an outdoor ceremony!

Their Love Story

Morgan and Henry’s love story began when they met in a civil engineering class at Cal Poly. They were in the same lab group and worked well together, but were just casual friends at the time.

Two and a half years later, during spring quarter of 2012, they were assigned to the same senior project team. This gave them an opportunity to spend many, many hours studying and working together – and eventually they started spending time together socially as well.

Morgan had planned a post-graduation five-week backpacking trip along the Pacific Coast Trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Although she initially planned to go alone, she realized that it would be safer to have a companion, and her mother would worry a little less.

Plus, Morgan wanted to be able to share the experience, so she asked Henry if he would like to make this trek with her, and after a few weeks of careful consideration, Henry said “Yes.”

Pacific Crest Trail information plaque, posted on wooden wall of Visitor Center at Carson Pass, California.

Landscape image of mountain trail leading to snow-covered mountain, at Carson Pass, California.

Morgan and Henry faced and worked through many challenges during the trip, including running out of food and incurring overuse injuries. They also had a lot of one-on-one time to truly get to know each other and thoroughly discuss their life goals and dreams. As a result their relationship grew closer and deeper.

This closeness must have been evident, as near the end of the hike an older gentleman and fellow hiker asked if they were on their honeymoon. When Morgan said “No,” he then asked if it was their second date. Henry heartily replied, “Yep, pretty much!” and the gentleman smiled and said, “Oh, good; that’s how my wife and I did it too.”

Rain or Shine

Henry and Morgan live in Seattle and they’re accustomed to rain, so when the weather forecast warned us that rain was likely on their wedding day, they essentially shrugged it off, saying “We don’t care. We still want our ceremony to be outside. It’s important to us.”

The weather was perfect for their rehearsal.

Landscape view of mountains, trees and blue skies in Foresthill, California.

I optimistically thought this blue sky with its puffy clouds would stick around for another day. (After all, as I always tell my couples, I do my part to prevent rain: I don’t wash my car.)

However, the weather forecasters were right, and I was wrong.

The rain came, along with sporadic thunder and lightening. But Morgan and Henry were committed, and when their photographer and DJ both said, “Let’s do this!” we did!

Staff in rain gear wiping down rows of wooden chairs at wedding ceremony site, with light rain falling.

The Wedding Ceremony

Morgan and Henry chose the Grand Sierra Pointe in Foresthill for their wedding ceremony, with a reception to follow at the Forest House Lodge, a mile or so down the road in Foresthill.

“As you can see, behind me are the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains. Early in their relationship, during what they call their “second date,” Morgan and Henry spent five weeks backpacking together in the Sierras. That time together truly solidified their partnership and commitment to each other. And that is why they have chosen this beautiful location, the Grand Sierra Pointe, for their wedding.”

Rain Slickers and Umbrellas and Teamwork

Guests wore rain slickers and held umbrellas. The bridal party wore their wedding finery and held umbrellas.

View of rain at Grand Sierra Pointe wedding ceremony site in Foresthill, California, with guests wearing rain slickers and holding umbrellas, and bridal party members also holding umbrellas

I held an umbrella over the bride and groom, and when it came time for a page to be turned in my ceremony book, Henry intuitively reached over and helped me out.

Minister and bridesmaids holding umbrellas during rainy wedding ceremony in Foresthill, California.

After the vows and the ring exchange, we moved to the Unity Candle table where I learned that a small lighter doesn’t work when it gets wet. Henry’s father brought us a box of matches, but those wouldn’t stay lit either. Finally, a kind guest stepped forward with his lighter and we were able to complete the candle lighting ceremony!

Minister trying to light candle in the rain, while groom holds umbrella as shelter.

(By the way, holding an umbrella aloft for 22 minutes is quite an arm workout!!)

Congratulations, Morgan and Henry!

“May all who follow their lives with interest and affection have cause to rejoice not alone in their happiness, but in their brave and generous living which makes life beautiful and significant.”

Smiling bride and groom, with wedding party in background holding umbrellas during rainy wedding ceremony in Foresthill, California. 

More Photos

“You are the sun that always sings, even on the rainiest days.” (Henry’s vows to Morgan)

Bride smiling at groom, whose suit jacket is wet with rain, while officiant holds umbrella in background.

I look back on where we’ve been, and I look forward to all we have ahead of us.” (Morgan’s vows to Henry)

Smiling bride and groom walking up paved path while guests hold umbrellas and watch following rainy wedding ceremony at Foresthill, California.

Smiling bride and groom inside rustic reception area at Forest House Lodge.  

Their Awesome Team of Professionals

 Venue: Forest House Lodge

Photographer: The Goodness

DJ:  SJ’s Disc Jockey

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