October 2020 Wedding Anniversaries

October 14, 2020 by revjeri

October is a popular month for weddings in the Sacramento area.  And while this has been a quiet year – due to California’s pandemic lockdown – there have been many wedding anniversaries to celebrate in October 2020!

Every year I send a personalized, handmade First Wedding Anniversary card to each couple. It’s one of the “special touches” I provide, and one of my very favorites!

Here are a few October couples celebrating first wedding anniversaries in 2020:


Two curved metal toasting cups, placed on a table behind a sign stating "Mr. and Mrs. Ferruolo."

Dana and Kyle’s October 19th Wedding

After Dana and Kyle said their “I do’s” and before repeating their vows, they asked me to proclaim thus:


Let it be known that Kyle of House Ferruolo and Dana of House Cook are one heart, one flesh, one soul. 

In the sight of God, I hereby seal these two souls, binding them as one for eternity.

Look upon one another and say the words.


This was a nod to their love of the television show “Game of Thrones.”

So of course when I saw these unique “toasting cups” on their head table I knew they would be the perfect subject for their anniversary card!

Wedding Venue: Gold Hill Gardens, Newcastle, California


Two-tiered dessert platter, with homemade chocolate chip cookies on the bottom row and assorted chocolate candies on the top row.

Amy and Robert’s October 6th Wedding

Robert and Amy’s wedding ceremony was held at the historic Old St. Mary’s Chapel in Rocklin, California, with a reception at the Cante Ao Vinho wine bar across the street.

Instead of having a traditional wedding cake, they chose to have a dessert bar that included homemade chocolate cookies and an assortment of chocolate candies. This tableau of sweetness was the perfect subject for their anniversary card!

Robert sent me this note a few days after their anniversary:  “We received your card.  Thank you so much for thinking of us.  (I particularly appreciated the picture of the desserts.)”


"Mature" bride and groom, smiling for photos after their wedding ceremony at Old St. Mary's Chapel in Rocklin, California.

Annie and Ed’s October 19th Wedding

I loved telling Ed and Annie’s love story during their wedding ceremony. It began with humor and a very special dog …

Ed and Annie’s story began nearly a decade ago when they met on eHarmony.com. After getting to know each other through emails, they finally shared their direct contact information and decided to meet in person.

It’s important to note that even though she wasn’t a dog person, Annie was particularly impressed by how much Ed cherished his huskie, Murray.

On the way to their first date, Annie stopped at Petsmart to buy a toy for Murray, who would be joining them on this date. After meeting at Peet’s Coffee and getting drinks, Ed and Annie and Murray went to a nearby park. And Murray had no interest in the new toy – nor in Annie, who was certain that the relationship was doomed.

However, Ed and Annie had already established a great connection, and over time Murray and Annie became friends. In fact, when Ed was given a tour guide job opportunity that required him be gone for three weeks, Annie volunteered to be Murray’s “doggy daycare.”

She and Murray became very close, and it was such a great fit that when Ed called Murray to go home, Annie said no, he’s staying here permanently. She told Ed he could leave, but Murray wanted to stay in his new home with her. And of course, Ed wasn’t going to give up his beloved dog, so he asked to stay too!

And the rest, as they say, is history! Their anniversary card included this photo of the newlyweds.


Wooden hourglass with teal and grey sand, used for sand blending ritual during wedding ceremony.

Jen and Robert’s October 12th Wedding

Jen and Robert included a sand-blending ritual in their wedding ceremony, using colored sand – teal and grey – that matched their wedding colors.

Not only is this a meaningful symbol of their unity, but it is also a lasting visual reminder of their commitment to each other. And it was the perfect photo for their anniversary card!

(The featured photo at the beginning of this post is one of my favorites from Jen and Robert’s wedding. Photographer ViAnne with Amore Fine Arts Photography delightfully captured the children in the wedding party!)

Wedding Venue: Orchard Creek Lodge, Lincoln, California


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