Each wedding ceremony created by Rev. Jeri is unique, blending traditional and contemporary elements to exactly represent your individuality and tastes. The ceremony includes your personal love story: How you met and fell in love, why you decided to get married, what you hope for as a couple. Your love story is a highlight of the ceremony, often bringing smiles and tears to those who are there to celebrate your love!

Your wedding ceremony is the heart of your wedding day. From “Dearly Beloved” to “You may kiss to seal your vows,” the words that are spoken on your behalf, and the vows and promises you make to each other, help set the stage for your married life.

How do you want your ceremony to be remembered — by your guests and by you? Will it be a fun and playful expression of your love? A solemn and thought-provoking declaration of your commitment? A combination of both?

What kind of ceremony do you prefer? A traditional ceremony, or one that is more contemporary? Will you be writing your own vows? Would you like to include rituals that celebrate your heritage? These are just some of the questions you might consider as you contemplate your wedding ceremony.

Wedding ceremonies may also include:

Hand Blessing

A beautiful reading about the longevity of the relationship.

Rose Exchange

Symbolizing the commitment and foundation of your marriage.


Celebrating your individuality and your unity as a couple.

Wine Ceremony

Acknowledging the blending of the bitter and the sweet in life.

Blended Family Vow

When there are children involved (often includes a medallion ceremony).

Other Special Ceremonies

To honor your heritage, traditions or special interests

Rev. Jeri is available to conduct a customized rehearsal service, helping ensure that the ceremony will flow smoothly. In addition, she sees that the marriage license is appropriately signed and filed with the County Recorder.