Bonus Wedding – May 16, 2019

February 29, 2020 by revjeri

2019 was a great year for weddings, and I have previously shared 12 of my favorites in this Baker’s Dozen. Here’s #13, the Bonus Wedding!

When Jess and Paul contacted me about their Thursday wedding in May, I debated whether or not I was available. You see, they were getting married on my birthday (although they didn’t know that).

However, I have performed weddings on my birthday in the past, and I knew this would be a lovely way to celebrate the day. (And I would still have time for cake and bubbly later!)

Park Winters, B&B, Yolo County, Wedding Venue, Victorian home, Rev. Jeri Murphy, Jeri Murphy Photography

Jess and Paul chose Park Winters for their venue, and they only invited a few close friends and family members to join in the celebration.

They asked that I include this reading in their ceremony:

It is good to know your strength
But always return to your flexibility
If you cradle your beloved in your arms
In nurturing gentleness,
Love will flow through you.

It is good to achieve things
But always return to anonymity.
Your beloved does not need your achievements
But needs your uncomplicated soul.

It is good to work for change,
But always return to what is.
If you accept all things whether painful or joyful
You will always know
That you belong to each other.

(“Always Return” by Lau Tzu, sixth century B.C.E.)

Park Winters, Wedding Venue, Wedding Ceremony, garden wedding, wedding officiant, bride, groom

This is sage advice for a wedding, and also a beautiful reminder of how to embrace life. I considered it a birthday blessing!


Featured photo and wedding ceremony photo credit: Jess with Jeku Photography

Park Winters venue photo credit: Jeri Murphy Photography

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