Blending Cultures in the Wedding Ceremony

January 5, 2018 by revjeri

“Love is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other, and who know that even though they are wonderful as individuals, they are even better together.”

Gail and Gilbert’s wedding celebration included many beautiful and unique touches to honor their love and unique partnership.

Blending of Cultures

Many cranes, delicately hanging from the ceiling or placed upon the tables, acknowledged Gail’s Japanese heritage.

Girl places lei on groom, while wedding officiant watchs

Gail was escorted down the aisle by her beautiful daughter, Alexa, who greeted Gilbert by presenting him with a lei.

Early in the ceremony Alexa, a competitive dancer, performed a beautiful hula to honor those dear ones who have passed on.

Girl, facing forward, performs hula dance as seen from behind observing couple

This followed a simple placement of orchids on the chairs bearing tokens representing Gail’s father (his dog tags and a pocket watch) and Gilbert’s parents (a trumpet and a red car).

Ceremony Details

Prayer and scripture were important parts of the ceremony to honor Gail and Gilbert’s Christian faith, and the fact that they met at church!

And in keeping with their delightful sense of humor, the concluding blessing was a reading from Dr. Seuss’s book “Oh the places you’ll go!”

Bride and groom smiling at guests, which wedding officiant applauds in background.

Even the location of their celebration was unique. Their AirBNB, located in the Arden Arcade (Sacramento) area, was owned by a music lover who had frequented the now-defunct Tower Records.

This especially pleased Gilbert who told me “My happy place is when the band has a great groove going and I can soar on top of the groove. [I’ve] played trumpet for more than fifty years.”

Framed posters of classic musical groups were found throughout the house.

Team of Wedding Professionals

Photographer: Allison Stahl Studio

Flowers: Royal Florists

Catering:  Blessings Catering

Desserts: Freeport Bakery

Music: Expertly handled by Gilbert’s son Andres

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