Al and Pam’s Surprise Wedding!

June 14, 2019 by revjeri

Al and Pam planned to drive to Lake Tahoe and get married one April weekend, with two of their friends coming along as witnesses. They also planned to host a wedding reception at Timber Creek Ballroom in May, inviting their families and a large group of friends to celebrate with them.

However, the forecast called for snow and treacherous roads that April weekend, so the trip to Tahoe was cancelled.

But Al and Pam did not want to cancel their May 24th party, and they still wanted it to be a celebration of their marriage.

So at the recommendation of their florist, Katie of Ambience Floral and Gifts, Pam and Al met with me and together we planned their surprise wedding!


Rev. Jeri, Wedding Crasher!

We decided that I would arrive after the cocktail hour, “crash” the party, and offer to perform a wedding ceremony.

Because Pam and I share the same last name (Murphy) I would pretend to be a long-lost relative arriving late to the party . . .

Surprised adult woman and man looking at woman (barely visible on left of photo).


I know this is a party to celebrate your marriage, but a little bird told me that you were unable to get up to Tahoe last month because the roads were going to be closed due to snow. Right? (“That’s true.”)

So you didn’t actually get married in Tahoe.

But that’s probably a blessing because now you’re surrounded by so many people who love you – and I have a wedding ceremony in this bag!

(To the audience): Would you like to see Al and Pam get married? (“Yes!”)


Ballroom full of guests, seated and standing, smiling and listening to wedding ceremony.


Al and Pam Get Married – Finally!

I asked their friends Craig and Leslie – who were supposed to witness the Tahoe ceremony – to step forward and join us in the front. Leslie handed Pam a bridal bouquet while I pinned boutonnieres on Al and Craig.

And the ceremony began.


Man and woman holding hands and smiling at each other while minister reads from ceremony binder.


“We are gathered here today to celebrate the love of this couple . . .”

” Al, do you now choose Pam to be your wife . . . (“I do!”)

“Pam, do you now choose Al to be your husband . . . (“I do!”)

“Family and friends, do you promise to support the happiness and success of Al and Pam’s union . . . (“WE DO!”)

“Al and Pam, you have been formally united as husband and wife in the presence of your family and friends . . . it is my honor and my very great pleasure to pronounce you to be married!

“Al, you may kiss your lovely bride!”


Newlywed man and woman kissing, with ballroom decor in background.


It was a surprise wedding filled with love, laughter – and many very happy guests!


Team of Professionals

Venue:  Timber Creek Ballroom

Photographer: Maggie McGurk Photo Art

Band: gruvy2ns – (916) 217-3194

Flowers: Ambience Floral and Gifts

Cake: Divine Desserts by Aguirre

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