A Wedding And Two Baby Blessings!

April 25, 2021 by revjeri

It is such a joy to stay in touch with the couples that I marry, especially when it includes blessing their babies! It makes me so happy to see loving families grow!

The Wedding

I met Marisa and Casseday when they asked me to officiate their August 2013 wedding, held at Monte Verde Inn in Foresthill, California.


wedding, Monte Verde Inn, bride, groom

Marisa and Casseday’s wedding day!

As I began writing their wedding ceremony, I asked them to tell me how they imagined the family they would create together.

They envisioned a home filled with laughter, openness and honesty. And they wanted their children to feel comfortable talking about anything without feeling judged.

They also felt blessed that at the time of their wedding their own parents had all been married for approximately 30 years. Marisa and Casseday hoped to provide that same example of longevity in marriage for their own children.


It’s easy to see, from this photo of the wedding party, that Marisa and Casseday love children!


The Family Grows: Alina

Four years later Marisa contacted me with the news that she and Casseday now had a daughter. They asked me if I would bless  Alina, and of course I was happy to do so!


baby blessings, family, grandparents

Alina with her parents and grandparents.


Alina’s ceremony included a special blessing from her grandparents to acknowledge her roots. Her godparents promised to always provide guidance and support, and there was a formal anointing and naming ceremony.

As parents, Marisa and Casseday promised to be patient and maintain a sense of humor, to listen to Alina without judgment, and to encourage her sense of wonder as she makes her way in the world.

Most of all, they promised to give Alina the greatest gift of all: Their example of a strong and happy marriage!


family, baby blessing

Alina’s blessing day!

Now The Family Is Complete: Emma-Grace

Last fall Marisa again contacted me to say that their family had grown to include Emma-Grace. I was asked to bless her and, again, I was delighted to do so!

As with her sister’s ceremony, we included an ancestral blessing, a reminder of the important role Emma-Grace’s godparents hold, the anointing and naming ceremony, and promises by Marisa and Casseday to nurture and encourage Emma-Grace as she grows.


family, baby blessing, godparents

Emma-Grace with her parents and godparents.


And, of course, I included a reminder that the greatest gift Marisa and Casseday will give their children is their example of a strong and happy marriage.


May You Be Blessed

Alina and Emma-Grace,

May you each be blessed with a spirit of gentleness,

     A heart that is tender.

May you be blessed with a spirit of strength,

     Shining within you.

May you be blessed with a spirit of compassion,

     A fervent caring.

May you be blessed with a spirit of courage,

     Daring to be who you are.

May you be blessed with a spirit of openness,

     Understanding and respect.

And may all of our paths be filled with joy and wonder,

     As we share this path with you.


children, baby blessing, family, sisters

Beautiful Sisters!

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