A Baker’s Dozen of 2019 Weddings

January 28, 2020 by revjeri

I officiated many wonderful 2019 weddings and worked with some delightful couples during the year. I have curated a Baker’s Dozen of my favorites, one from each month plus a bonus!

Here is part one – the first six months of the year.

January 2019

Al and Cathy met on the tennis court in their Del Webb community. There was an immediate attraction between them, and as Cathy said in her personal vows:

I knew on our first date you were a very special man. You came to the door with a plant behind your back. When you handed it to me, you said, “I wanted to give you something that would last.”

And Al’s vows, spoken with tears in his eyes, included this sweet sentiment:

“Any day with you is my favorite day.”

Their wedding celebration, held in the Solarium Room at Orchard Creek Lodge, was sweet and simple, and because they had not hired a photographer I volunteered to take a few family photos for them.

I love telling a couple’s story of love, and I’m delighted when I get to capture that love in photographs too! This was a wonderful way to start my 2019 weddings’ season!

Bride, Groom, Wedding Party, Orchard Creek Lodge, 2019 Weddings


February 2019

Shawn and Ashley chose to incorporate a very special unity ritual in their wedding ceremony, combining colored glass crystals – pink for Ashley and yellow for Shawn – into a vase representing their marriage.

Unity ceremony, wedding ceremony, glass, ring box, 2019 Weddings

The combined glass crystals would then be made into a one-of-a-kind vase, as beautiful and as special as is Shawn and Ashley’s love for each other. The pieces of their personality that complement each other will be reflected in the glass vase which they will be able to display in their home forever.

Ceremony Site:  International World Peace Rose Garden, Sacramento
Reception Venue: Sterling Hotel, Sacramento


March 2019

The love story of Lisa and David began in the spring of 2016 when they met online. She sent him an email saying she wished he lived closer (he was in Los Angeles), and he responded with an upbeat answer, telling her she was only a “hop, skip and a jump away.” Eleven days later they had their first date!

From the beginning their connection was strong, and six weeks later – after a whirlwind romance – they sealed their commitment with a promise ring, and eventually David moved to Northern California to be with Lisa.

And on March 17, 2018, during a theater date to see “Love Never Dies,” David asked Lisa to become his wife and his partner in life., and of course she said “Yes!”

They were married the following March at Vizcaya, Sacramento, and during their reception they joyfully announced that they were expecting a baby! (Their daughter, Charlotte, was born in September!)

Their wedding decor included many nests and eggs and other hints about this very special event!

Ring pillow, bird's nest, bird's eggs, wedding decor, 2019 Weddings


April 2019

From their very first date Paul and Shirley felt relaxed and natural with each other. They “just clicked,” and enjoyed learning about each other and exploring new things and experiences together. They found that life was just better when they were together.

Even though at times theirs was a long-distance relationship – Paul serves in the United States Air Force – their mutual-support and commitment to each other was strong and their loving relationship continued to grow and deepen.

Although they had already legally gotten married – which is not unusual when one party is in the military – they wanted to share their love with family and friends.

So on a beautiful spring day they spoke their vows at the Grand Sierra Pointe in Foresthill, and then spent the evening dancing, laughing, eating cake and celebrating their marriage at the Forest House Lodge!

Bride, groom, officiant, wedding ceremony, Forest House Lodge, Rev. Jeri Murphy. Grand Sierra Pointe, 2019 Weddings

Photo credit: Allison Lal Photography


May 2019

Jeff and Danielle each knew what they wanted in a marriage partner and had been seeking each other long before their first date. So it was no surprise that when they met there was an immediate attraction between them, they quickly recognized they were meant for each other!

As they told me their story, Danielle and Jeff mentioned that they enjoy having succulent plants in their garden “because they are resilient and thrive even during challenging times.”

So during their wedding ceremony, held beneath the oak tree at Gold Hill Gardens in Newcastle, they included the planting of two small succulents into a special container as a symbol of their new roots as a couple, their growth together, and their affirmation that their marriage will thrive throughout the years.

succulents, potted plant, garden, wedding, The Freckled Photographer, Gold Hill Gardens, 2019 Weddings

Photo credit: The Freckled Photographer 


June 2019

When Quinn and Ree first met, their relationship was one of friendship filled with laughter, deep conversations and mutual support. Over time it evolved into love and they knew they were meant to walk through life together.

They were married at Catta Verdera Country Club on Father’s Day, and expressed their gratitude for all the fathers in the audience who chose to share their special day by celebrating with them.

As a special symbol of their commitment to each other, Ree and Quinn chose to include a sand blending ritual, promising love, joy and commitment until the end of time.

sand blending, unity ceremony, wedding ceremony, hour glass, Rev. Jeri Murphy, 2019 Weddings


More 2019 Weddings

Be watching for “A Baker’s Dozen of 2019 Weddings – Part Two” to see weddings from July through December, and one bonus. Coming soon!

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