Reverend Jeri Murphy has been a licensed non-denominational minister for over a decade. She defines “non-denominational” as “not being affiliated with a particular church or religion, but seeing all people as spiritual beings.” She has been performing personalized ceremonies in Northern California since 2000.

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Personalized Wedding Ceremony in Granite Bay California

*Do you offer a pre-wedding consultation? If so, is there a fee for this?
I am happy to meet with couples, at no cost or obligation, to see if we are a “good fit.” This meeting, at a mutually-convenient location, generally lasts 30 minutes as we ask each other questions.

*If we choose you to perform our ceremony, do you require a fee to hold our date?

Yes, when you hire me, we will meet to go over the details of your customized ceremony. At that time I ask that you sign the Minister’s Contract and pay a non-refundable deposit. The balance of the fee is due at rehearsal.

*What is included in your services, and what do you charge?
According to your needs and desires, I prepare a custom ceremony, conduct the rehearsal, perform the ceremony, and file your marriage license. My fee varies, depending upon the location and other specifics of your wedding.

*Do you offer special pricing during the week? Yes. Depending upon your needs and desires (i.e., customized or “standard” ceremony; rehearsal or not; location), fees are flexible and lower during the week.

*How do you accept payment?
Payment may be made by cash, check or online through Venmo.

*If we are not religious, must we have prayer or scripture in our ceremony?
No. Every ceremony I create is unique, just as every couple is unique. My only “requirement” is that there is nothing in the ceremony that makes either of you uncomfortable.

*Can we review the ceremony before our wedding date?
Absolutely! I will email it to you and ask you to review it to make sure it’s perfect for you. Any changes are cheerfully made – without any additional cost.

*Can we write our own vows?
Yes! I can provide some samples and a “homework assignment” to help you create your vows, should you need some assistance!

*What if we don’t want to have a rehearsal?
That’s up to you. Although I believe a rehearsal helps ensure that your wedding day will go smoothly, I do not insist upon having one.

*What happens during the rehearsal?
We practice those parts of the ceremony that require movement: The processional, hand-off of bouquet, exchange of rings, any special ritual like wine ceremony, candle lighting, family blending, etc., and the recessional. Although that sounds simple enough, walking through these parts allows us to “get the bugs out” and also helps minimize wedding-day nerves!

*Do you stay for the wedding reception?
Although I appreciate your hospitality, I do not stay for the reception.

*What other services do you offer?
I am available for renewal of vows, baby naming or blessings, house blessings, and other rites of passage. As a member of the American Association of Funeral Officiants, I also perform funerals and memorials.


Personalized Same Sex Wedding Ceremony