10 Years of Marriage!

The love story of Lindsay and Jason actually began more than 20 years ago, when they met through Lindsay’s brother, Scott. Scott is very protective of his little sister, and at the time he felt that Lindsay was too young to date. (She was only 16 at the time;... read more

A Surprise Renewal of Vows

Anthony and Lisa met online five years ago and soon realized that they were a perfect match. Six months later they had a “courthouse” wedding ceremony and their love for each other has grown stronger and deeper in marriage. As their five-year anniversary... read more

Happily Ever After!

Karen and Harry met six years ago when he was doing UXO work at what was formerly Fort Ord in Marina. Harry, not hating a good beer, found English Ales Brewery and, thus, found Karen. While he thought she was beautiful, he also thought she was way out of his league so... read more